by Mayya

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released May 29, 2014

Recorded at The Complex-SF Recording Studio
Engineered, Mixed and Produced by George S. Rosenthal
Co-produced by Mayya Feygina

Vox/Rhythm Guitar/Percussion- Mayya (bass on Restless)
Lead Guitar- David Newman
Bass- Timmy Stabler
Spooky Organ- Elliot Peltzman

Cover photo by Pauline Alioua



all rights reserved


Mayya San Francisco, California

"Diminutive in stature, Gargantuan in spirit" -Mayya was born in Russia, grew up in the TL in SF. she is inspired by david bowie, gogol bordello, iggy pop, funk music, george harrison, pretty much anything w energy and good melodies... and anyone who is unapologetically themselves! She has a band called Mayya & The Revolutionary Hell Yeah! ... more

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Track Name: Restless
Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like
To grow up in a small town, big house
Nice front lawn and plain white picket fence.

When there's no fire trucks at night
The only sound you hear is silence
Instead of sirens
It's crickets in your ear

Where everybody's got a place to live
Everybody's got a lot to give
Everyday it's growing harder to forget
There's so many places
I haven't been to yet
I wanna go

Where I can lay down in the grass
And see the stars as clear as sunlight
Reflecting top-flight, office window glare

Instead I'm here
Where I've been my entire life
It's not to say I'm hatin' on the city by the bay
Guess I'm waitin' for the wind to blow me away

Well I know it's my home
And i don't wanna leave it alone
So won't you join me in gettin' out this place
And say hello to the world face to face...
Track Name: Lather Me Up (With Inner Turmoil)
Your pain is mine
My pain is yours
We hurt each other
Hurt ourselves

We could be friends
We could be more
I heard the news report
On this comin' storm
When will we learn...

Lather me up
With that
Inner Turmoil
Let it all soak in
It's the only way back
To fresher skin

We walk around
With heavy hearts
We don't look up
Our sight is set on the ground
We wear our dark sunglasses
In the underground
So they won't see us
'Cause we don't look em in the eye...

Our knees are weak
Our brains are sinkin' down
Sinkin' down
Sinkin downnn....

Smashing televisions
On the rooftop late at night
Black 'n orange skies above us
Folks below us gettin high
Howlin at the moon

Well me, I find it hard
To stay in the here and now
They say to focus on the present
I'm afraid I don't know how
'Cause the present sucks
And i feel all alone
I feel all alone...
Track Name: Oh The Moon
Oh the moon
Shiny ball hangin' up in the sky
I could pinch it
If I squinted
I could crush it with the blink of an eye

Oh the sand dunes
In a land far away
Golden rocks
Take off your socks
And leave your mark til the end of time...

Oh the rainbow
Reachin' out from here to there
I could touch it
If i trusted
That this world could be so fair

And ohhhh
My my my
The only thang to do now is
Try try try
Try 'n not forget
Catch a fish in a net
And a'never never lettin' it gooo

Cause everything
Is gonna be alriiiight
Yeah everything
Is gonna be alriiight
Is gonne be all ri-i-i-i-iiight
Ye, everything
Is gonna be alriiiight...